Dr. Johannes Nickel


I first encountered the topic of resilience management during my studies. After completing my technical business studies at the University of Stuttgart, I worked for a management consultancy for several years. As a member of the "Project, Program and Portfolio Management" business unit, I have planned and implemented projects in various industries. Since the challenge of doing a doctorate attracted me during my studies, I switched to the Graduate School of Excellence advanced Manufacturing Engineering (GSaME) at the University of Stuttgart in 2015. As part of my doctoral thesis, I examined the interactions between cost and resilience management in the context of product-oriented decisions. I teach project management at the International School of Management. I have been a certified resilience trainer by the AHAB Academy since May 2019. I am a member of the Institute for Business Continuity and Resilience Management eV ( IBCRM eV ) and am committed to the dissemination and further development of the topics.

Dr. Johannes Nickel
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My claim:

Build and maintain the resilience of your organization.