Resilienz Check

Resilience check



The goal of resilience checks is to determine the maturity of the organization in terms of resilience management. The analysis is based on the REDILITY resilience management approach. This includes the design objects, design areas, design phases and framework conditions of your organization.


The resilience check comprises two methods. On the one hand questionnaires are used, which have to be filled in by the project participants. On the other hand, guided interviews are carried out.


With five project participants, the check can be carried out within two weeks.

Resilienz als strategisches Ziel

Resilience as strategic goal



The inclusion of resilience as another corporate goal aims to create resilience in order to be able to deal constructively with unexpected events. The project includes the definition of roles and responsibilities as well as the company-specific development of checklists and business continuity plans.


The concept can be created within two months. The duration of the implementation depends on the level of maturity of your organization.


The implementation concept is developed in workshops in interdisciplinary teams.

Resilienz während der Produktentwicklung

Resilience during product development



In the product development phase, far-reaching decisions regarding costs and resilience are made. We support you in making an integrated assessment of the costs and resilience of a product. This will strengthen your organization's resilience.


Depending on the available data, the method can be adapted to your organization and used within a week.


The integrated consideration of costs and resilience is done using the CoRa - CostResilienceAssessment method. Here, assemblies or components of a product are evaluated with regard to the two aspects.

Resilienz Training

Resilience training



In the area of resilience training, we pursue the goal of building up and maintaining the individual resilience of employees. We use elements of tested concepts. Our offer includes both individual and group training.


Individual trainings are 45 minutes long. Group appointments last from 1/2 day to 2 days.


The training courses can be held as individual appointments or group appointments. We are happy to come to you. However, we can also be reached virtually.

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