Resilience check

The resilience check is carried out to determine the company's maturity in terms of resilience management. The analysis project includes workshops and interviews. The aim is to identify weaknesses.

Based on the results, a company-specific implementation program can be developed.

Resilience as a strategic goal

The inclusion of resilience as another corporate goal aims to create resilience in order to be able to deal with unexpected events constructively. The project includes the definition of roles and responsibilities as well as the company-specific development of checklists and business continuity plans

Resilience during product development

In the product development phase, far-reaching decisions regarding costs and resilience are made. We support you in making an integrated assessment of the costs and resilience of a product. This improves the quality of the decision.

Resilience training

In the area of resilience training, we pursue the goal of building up and maintaining the individual resilience of employees. We use elements of tested concepts. Our offer includes both individual and group training.