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Building and maintaining organizational resilience

What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability of an organization to deal constructively with unexpected events and creeping developments that have the potential to endanger the survival of the organization.

Need resilience?

Regardless of industry affiliation and size, building and maintaining resilience is necessary to survive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

Resilience check

Resilience maturity of your organization

Resilience as a strategic goal

Implementation concept for your resilience management


Resilience during product development

Integration of resilience during product development

Resilience training

Increase the individual resilience of your employees

Dr. Johannes Nickel

Dr. Johannes Nickel

I first encountered the topic of resilience management during my studies. After completing the technical business administration at the University of Stuttgart, I worked for a management consultancy for several years. As a member of the "Project, Program and Portfolio Management" business unit, I have planned and implemented projects in various industries. As the challenge of obtaining a doctorate appealed to me while I was a student, I dicided to join the Graduate School of Excellence advanced Manufacturing Engineering ( GSaME ) at the University of Stuttgart in 2015. As part of my doctoral thesis, I examined the interactions between cost and resilience management in the context of product-oriented decisions. I teach project management at the International School of Management. I am a certified resilience trainer from the AHAB Academy since May 2019. I am also am member of the Institute for Business Continuity and Resilience Management e.V ( IBCRM eV ).

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My claim:

Build and maintain the resilience of your organization.

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